The Essentia 2000

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The Essentia 2000 Metal-Affinity.png

Classification Pan-Dimensional Android
Also Known As The Android
Voiced By Melanie Ehrlich
Age N/A
Hair Color Green
"You and I have met time and time again. We are Soul Mates, in the true sense of the word."

The Essentia 2000 is a main character in YIIK, wielding her trusty Von Blade. She becomes a party member in Chapter 4.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Essentia has a lot of unique attributes comparted to other party members. Instead of having HP, Essentia uses EN. Every attack Essentia performs will drain EN. When EN reaches 0, Essentia will be knocked out but will revive on her own in a few turns. Only certain items will heal Essentia, such as the 9-volt. It's a waste to use HP items on her.

Defending is replaced with charging, which allows Essentia to heal EN for a specified amount of turns. The more EN there is needed to be healed, the longer the amount of turns will need to be for a full heal.

Beat Down[edit | edit source]

PP: 4

Similar to Alex's Beat Down, Essentia pulls out her Von Blade which spins and certain segments must be hit to gain a combo. The segments cannot be hit multiple times like in Alex's Beat Down. As the minigame progresses, it spins faster and faster until you mess up. This is the only ability Essentia has which has a minigame assigned to it.

Machine Gun[edit | edit source]

"Do light damage to all enemies."

EN: 15%

No minigame. All enemies are targeted and delivers X shots [Specification needed] in total. If there is only one enemy, they will be hit multiple times.

Missile Launcher[edit | edit source]

"Launch heavy projectiles at all enemies!"

EN: 50%

No minigame. A stronger variant of the Machine Gun ability. All enemies are targeted and delivers X shots [Specification needed] in total. If there is only one enemy, they will be hit multiple times.

Sleep Shot[edit | edit source]

"Tranquilize a target."

EN: 25%

No minigame. Similar to Alex's Smooth Jazz, this inflicts an enemy with sleep.

Self Destruct[edit | edit source]

"Self destruct causing massive damage!"

EN: 100%

Essentia's body shuts down for 5 turns and then deals damage to everyone- including party members. The move will not kill enemies, but it will drain most enemy's HP to near zero. A simple LP toss from Alex should enough to deal the final blow. After Essentia successfully self destructs, she will go down again for another 5 turns before being able to be controlled again.

Nothing is currently known about how Essentia works in I.V.

Story[edit | edit source]

Essentia brings Alex on a tour to meet her parallel lives, such as Oda Kreutzer, Naila El-Amin, and Serna Yemina.

Eventually, Essentia meets someone she's not familiar with, Yuzu Imajo.

Ultima Ending[edit | edit source]

Essentia is face to face with Proto Ultima Alex, and is surprised to see Alex and The Player there. She reveals her body is actually called The Essentia 9802. She has not entered the Player's reality, as " do not yet face the choice of what direction your life would take." She remarks about how Alex took that role instead. Essentia helps Alex, the player, and their friends to defeat Proto Ultima Alex.

I.V[edit | edit source]

Not much has been revealed of Essentia's involvement in I.V yet.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Defending is still possible with Essentia if you quickly select it before it gets replaced with "Charge."